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Technology enabled Beneficiary Management empowers NGOs to deliver great impact

How do you track, monitor and assess impact of about 80,000 number of services provided and 3500 periodic assessments done to 30,000+ beneficiaries annually? APD (The Association of People with Disability) has been doing this very effectively using Goonjan – the software solution built specifically for NGO’s and that has exclusive modules for beneficiary management and services management. APD’s (The Association of People with Disability) aim is to empower persons with disability to become active, contributing members of society.

Beneficiaries are the single most important reason for the very existence and purpose of a NGO. Each beneficiary or a group of them are provided with various kinds of services, interventions and programs with the intent of creating a positive impact for them.

To ensure proper planning and execution of services / interventions to beneficiaries and eventually the assessment of the same, NGOs need a purpose built software solution for non-profits that can provide the following benefits:

  • Capture and store data centrally of all beneficiaries to avoid multiple data sources.

  • Schedule and manage programs & services and link it to beneficiaries thus getting rid of program fragmentation.

  • Enhance efficiency of all field operations personnel, by empowering them to collect, update and organize the data using their mobile devices or laptops.

  • Enable proper assessments, goal planning and in turn use this to improve the Monitoring & Evaluation function.

  • Automate the reporting and sharing of data with different stakeholders in real-time.

Without a Beneficiary Management software solution specifically designed to meet the needs of nonprofits, the NGOs struggle to effectively manage the beneficiary and services management. A good software solution that enables effective Beneficiary Management should provide some of the critical features, like:

  • Registration, beneficiary profile and Printing NGO-specific registration card

  • Uploading beneficiary documents, like mark sheets, photos & medical certificates

  • Impact assessment using configurable assessment templates

  • Define and follow through Individualized Progress Plans

  • Categorizing the beneficiaries by types, locations and departments

  • Reporting & listing of registered beneficiaries, both past and present ones

  • Ability to link Beneficiaries to specific Donors

Services Management

  • Scheduling a service for a beneficiary

  • Recording the event of availing the service and the outcome of the service

  • Recording multiple sessions rendered for a service

  • Rescheduling / cancelling the services

  • Linking donations to services

At Dhwani Foundation, we have interacted with thousands of NGOs since 2006 and our focus is on helping NGOs improve accountability, capacity and transparency. Amongst the core initiatives is Goonjan – a hosted software solution that is purpose built for NGOs. Over 50 NGOs across India and a few internationally use Goonjan to deliver more good.

As Ms. Christy Abraham, CEO of APD (The Association of People with Disability), a pioneer in the disability area and our key NGO partner in the development of Goonjan, mentioned, “Goonjan has played an integral role in the scaling up of our organization from 50 users, 10,000 service recipients to now over 35,000 service recipients annually and 200+ employees who are very comfortable using the easy to use solution on a daily basis. Goonjan is used to capture details of every service recipients across 11 districts of Karnataka, the various services we offer to them, their assessments, improvements over a period of time, all the donor details and more”.

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