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How adoption of Goonjan helped a life skills training organisation scale up

One of our customers which strives to empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity using a creative life skills approach uses Goonjan to manage their after school training programs.

Here is how Goonjan helped them overcome many challenges,

Data integrity:

Tracking of all the students, their attendance, facilitators, sessions, their outcomes etc. was done in an unstructured format using paper, word documents, excel sheets etc. Information was all over the place.

With Goonjan, data was stored, manipulated and retrieved in a structured format. This ensured that all the learnings from the ground were well documented as was intended. Earlier, when this was done in an unstructured format using pens and papers, there was always a good amount of knowledge that was lost in translation every time the files exchanged hands. Digitisation of this data has ensured there is only one version of it which is input directly from the source.

Connected processes:

Earlier, diverse processes like beneficiary tracking, program management, assessments etc. were managed across multiple platforms on the computers of various stakeholders. The staff ended up spending a lot of time managing data and executing processes which they could have put to better use.

Goonjan made it possible to track all processes in a single application giving an integrated view of all the work done. And since it’s all on the cloud, chances of loss of data is virtually zero. Earlier, all stakeholders bore the responsibility to guard their data on their systems which is no longer the case now. They spend more time than before working to fulfil the the core mission of their organisation.


It used to take weeks to process data and generate insights from them in order to chart out a future course of action.

With Goonjan, reporting became an effortless activity. For the management team, decision making became agile and well informed since time taken to generate reports was reduced to seconds from weeks.

All of the above has helped them scale up at a faster pace than before training 30% more students year on year.


About Goonjan

Goonjan is a software for nonprofits designed to help NGOs fulfil the mission of their organisation. It is an integrated platform which you can use to track your beneficiaries, provide services efficiently and manage your donors among many other things. In simple terms - A database software for nonprofits. Since all of it is interconnected, extracting reports to study the impact of various stakeholders and report to concerned agencies becomes very easy and simple to do. It is open to integrate with other existing systems an NGO may be using and certain portions of the software can be customised to cater to the unique needs of an NGO.

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