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Dhwani Foundation
The development of Goonjan has been sponsored by Dhwani Foundation, a Bangalore based NGO backed by veterans in the IT space. Dhwani is dedicated to help NGOs improve their operational efficiency through the use of technology
MJ Aravind
APD M J Aravind has over 25 years of global operational experience with large multinational corporations including: Compaq, DEC, and Xerox in areas such as product management, customer service, field operations and purchasing. Aravind was a co-founder of Daksh, one of India's largest independent BPO (business processing organization) companies.
Aravind leverages his operational experience and extensive network of executives to help Artiman's portfolio companies establish operations in India.Currently Aravind serves on the board of the NGO APD.
Rajiv Kuchhal
Rajiv Kuchhal has more than 23 years of management experience and IT,BPO and ITeS industries. He worked for 16 years in Infosys Ltd., and served as its Assistant Vice President and Practice Head of Communication and Product Services (Nortel OSDC Business Unit of Infosys). He set up first center of Infosys in North India. Rajiv served as the Chief Operating Officer of Onmobile Global Limited.
Rajiv was one of the founding members of Progeon Limited. He served as Progeon's Head of Operations and Head of Business Transformation. Rajiv has served as Venture Advisor at TVS Capital Funds Limited. He has been a Non-Executive Independent Director of Thinksoft Global Services Limited.
Sen-Sei Technologies is the technology partner for this program. It is a company with a passion for creating innovative technology solutions and consulting on software architecture. It specializes in software that is open source and built for the cloud. It started in 2007. From time of inception, Sen-Sei Technologies has worked with more than thirty clients over a range of consulting and software projects. Industry sectors it has dealt with include Microfinance, Transportation, Securities, Manufacturing, Internet commerce and Social Sectors. This company is based in Bangalore.
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