More you know about them, better you can serve them
Track your Beneficiaries
Capture personal, professional, medical details etc. Detailed profile about them helps you come up with the best plan of action to respond to their needs.
We know you are different
Create forms to capture information about your beneficiaries that is unique to your organization
Document management 
Upload documents such as Aadhar card etc. Reduces time drastically to retrieve and share documents when stored electronically
Services and Assessments
Manage services you provide them and improve delivery of services by recording assessments and feedback.
Impact assessment
Track their history and progress over time. This can help you evaluate and come up with the best suited intervention.
ID cards
Identify your beneficiaries easily by printing ID cards designed the way you want it.
Provide Services efficiently
Deliver services that match the exact need of your beneficiaries
Define your services
Define and modify services you provide to your beneficiaries easily. Scale up at your own pace. 
Track cost of services provided. This data can help you keep track of your budget and plan ahead.
Plan delivery of services
Never miss an appointment to reach out to your beneficiaries. Ensures effective usage of your time and resources. 
Individuals and groups
Manage servies for an individual or a group of individuals (Batch).
Service providers
Track and assess performance of your service providers so you can improve service quality.
Manage your Donors
Be transparent and efficient at maintaining relationships with your donors
Capture personal, professional, demographic details etc. Such profiling puts you in a good position to know what to communicate to whom and when?
Donor assurance
Gain the trust of your donors by giving them acess to monitor impact on beneficiaries they are supporting. 
Financial donations
Record financial donations. Track lifecycle of various instruments of donations such as cheques, online payments etc.
Track usage of funds
Link donations to services and generate donation utilisation reports. Let your donors know how their money is being spent.
Non Financial donations
Record non financial donations received for various purposes such as food, clothing etc.
Log reminders for special occasions etc. so you dont forget to reach out to them on days they are most likely to make a donation
Communications history
Record history of communications made with donor so you are well prepared when you make the next request.
Build your own Reports
Understand how your organization is performing
Detailed reports
You choose the objective, data you want and decide how you want it displayed. Wealth of information can be delivered to you in seconds.
Know where you stand
Data driven approach prevents you from making rash decisions. Also makes you adapt quickly as the environment changes.
Gives everyone a say
When data is easily available to all stakeholders, they will feel more confident and trustworthy of each other. Results in a positive working environment.
And More
External programs, Camps and Contacts
Extrenal programs
Track programs such as workshops, training sessions etc. Suited for large group activities where attention to detail about participants is minimal.
Manage camps such as health checkups, physical fitness etc. Suited for occasions when you are not worried about building detailed files of your beneficiaries.
An address book to keep track of important phone numbers, Email IDs, etc.

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